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Ohio Hot Sauce Co. was founded by John, US Army Veteran and Master Chef of our specialty hot sauce recipes. Our company was founded on the celebration of freedom and a promise to live life to its fullest in honor of those who served. 


Why did you serve?


A group of friends were sitting around the table one night enjoying good food and each other’s company. One friend looked at John and asked, “Why did you serve?” John didn’t hesitate. He held his arms out wide, glanced around the room, and simply said, “For this.” We knew exactly what he meant. 

Freedom to gather. Freedom to enjoy. Freedom to live life to its fullest. 

veteran owned hot sauce company
hot sauce peppers

The beginning of it all


John has been an “unofficial Chef” his whole life; always making incredible meals and inviting others to share. His vegetable garden inspired him to start creating his own unique hot sauce blends. It came as no surprise when others said, “You could sell this.” That’s when John knew his next mission; create a company that honors fellow veterans and celebrates the finer things in life like a great meal shared with great company. 


Our Sauces


Our hand-crafted sauces are made with fresh ingredients and packed full of big flavor to elevate your meal to nothing short of culinary genius. Whether you’re hosting a BBQ with friends, having a picnic at the campground, or cruising cross-country on your motorcycle, our hot sauces are ready to join you on your next adventure. 


Ohio Hot Sauce Company’s signature is “Patriot’s Sauce” a satisfying blend of cayenne, onion, garlic and special seasonings. Over time, we’ll honor those who served by featuring veterans of today and yesterday on our Patriot sauce bottle and our website. A portion of proceeds from each bottle will be donated to a veteran's organization of our choice. 


We hope you’ll make Ohio Hot Sauce Co. a part of your next gathering, your next adventure and your next good meal. Most importantly, remember those who served to protect those special moments. 


Ohio Hot Sauce Co. - The flavor of freedom. 

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