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Starting up Ohio Hot Sauce Co. was more than just a dream of owning a business and doing what we love, it was a calling to make a difference.

Patriot’s Sauce, our signature hot-sauce blend, honors those who served by featuring veterans of today and yesterday on our Patriot sauce bottle and on our website. A portion of proceeds from each bottle will also be donated to Mission 22. This organization has a  deep-rooted passion for helping veterans and offers many valuable programs for active service members, Veterans, and their family members.

Supporting Mission 22


A little more about Mission 22


Mission 22 is a national community supporting active service members, Veterans, and their family members, through three areas of focus: 

Support and Treatment Programs - for active service members, Veterans, and their family members, addressing Post-Traumatic Stress, Traumatic Brain Injury, suicide risk and other challenges.


Social Impact - uniting civilians and the military community to raise awareness of issues active service members, veterans, and their family members face.


Memorials - remembering and honoring service members and Veterans through large scale installations and digital initiatives, while raising awareness for issues faced on home soil.

Click here to learn more about Mission 22. 

award winning hot sauce bottles


A hand-crafted, satisfying blend of cayenne, onion, garlic and our own special seasonings made with all fresh ingredients. It's one of those good-on-everything sauces.


A portion of sales from every bottle of Patriot's Sauce is donated to Mission 22. 

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